SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. The process of driving traffic organically or natural way is a skilled job undertaken by professionals engrossed in search engine optimization.

The organic search results are websites coming naturally in the front pages of the search results in consequence of the search engine algorithms.

Search engine algorithms are user-based Artificially stimulated mechanisms that vary accordingly. The site that is user-friendly and informative on the given subject stands on top in the search results.

As Google CEO has told 

“When a user types a relevant keyword in the search engine box, we as Google have stored billions of web pages. We match and sort it out with relevance popularity and freshness of the website. Moreover, we evaluate with external radars subject to objective guidelines in matching the rankings in giving the end-user the best results.”

 Google CEO Sundar Pichai 

Mostly Google had been the most sorted search engine on this planet, providing the best search results. With no one mastering the art of ranking the top search results. It had been a blind path for an SEO expert in their pursuit of ranking at the top.

Different types of keywords 

1. Generic short-tail keyword
2. Focussed Long-tail keyword
3.Focussed location-specific Long-tail keyword – Geo-targeting keyword
4. Long-term evergreen keyword
5. Short-term fresh keyword
6 Product defining keyword
7. Customer defining keyword
8. LSE(Latent Semantic Indexing) Keywords
10. Intent targeting keywords

1. Generic short-tail keyword

Short term keywords define as a general term in the definition. 
For example

The above are generally short term keywords with generic terms and attract large volumes of search results with prevalence to the keyword requested by the end-user.

 A generic short-tail keyword does have high competition in ranking algorithms, Highly competitive. Broader search motives may bring lower conversion ration to the website owners.

2. Focussed Long-tail keyword

In general, the keyword constitutes three words.
For example

Hotel in Bangalore 
Banks in Bangalore
Schools in New Delhi
Colleges in Mumbai
Hospitals in Chennai
Car rentals  Pune
Cake shops Hyderabad

The search results appearing is specific and content-based, giving the end-user relevant search results he is anticipating.
The website which has relevant terms high lighted and is user-friendly with appropriate navigations and relevance stands on top in the search engine results.

For example, Car rentals in Pune will bring those car rented companies that hold branches all over Pune catering to the whole of Pune city.
Hospitals in Chennai will bring all hospitals that cater to all locations in Chennai city.
Hotel in Bangalore will give results to all multi-chained hotels in Bangalore catering all over the city of Bangalore.

Focussed Long-tail keyword gives relevant search results with high conversion rates and highly competitive by nature.

3.Focussed location-specific Long-tail keyword.

The search inquiry is specific by the end-user with a request for relevance for a product that is location-specific.

For example 

Serviced apartments in Koramangala, Bangalore
Blood banks in Ansari Nagar East, New Delhi
Computer education institute Goregaon West, Mumbai
Ambulance services in Bhusari Colony, Kothrud, Pune
Tutorial colleges in Joshi Nagar Habowal Kalan, Ludhiana, Punjab

The above are real-time inquiries bringing in relevant search results, which gives the end-user the information he is seeking. 
Broadly reviews and user experiences bring a website top in this category as well as so many other factors that may affect the ranking in this category are.

The speed of the website on mobile as well as desktops determines the bounce ratio in rankings.
Mobile compatibility.
Navigations of the website
User compatibility
Payments gateways
Domain Age, URL, and Authority.
Technical aspects of the SEO. The mega and Meta descriptions.
Keywords structure in a site
User Experience (RankBrain)
RankBrain is a component of Google core algorithms, which is a machine tool designed to teach themselves on search queries.
External and Internal backlinks.
Social media influences.
Real-Time Business factors.

Long-term evergreen keyword

Long term evergreen keywords are those that are relevant historical incidents or appropriate contact that is fresher in its value.

Examples of the Long-term evergreen keyword

Kargil war video
Pulwama attack
Jayalalitha death mystery.
Bal Thackeray Mumbai don.

Conversion of the above to business terms are below keywords that may be alluring at all times to be a  Long-term evergreen keyword.

Get more subscribers to the youtube channel.
Right usage of sense of humour effectively in content marketing. 
Build a home with cheap and best materials.
Tax savings methods for taxpayers. 
Best eating habits to stay fit at 60 years.
Succeed your business with fewer investments.
How to make your girlfriend pride you.

5. Short-term fresh keyword

Fresh news that takes place will have a sudden increase in web traffic.
Fewer examples as I write this post and probably would have been stale by the time you read this post.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2019.
Jaganmohan Reddy, Chandrababu Naidu Face-Off 
Chennai worst drought 2019
Karnataka political crisis 2019
President Donald Trump steps into North Korea.
Nirav Modi is not a fugitive. 
Fugitive liquor baron Vijay Mallya is a thief.

The freshness of the above content will have increased traffic for a few days from now on. The above will be historic after quite some days with fresh content taking its place.

6 Product defining keyword

Users searching for a particular brand is the definition of a product defining keyword. 
Examples of product defining keywords.

lehenga saree online shopping
lehenga Kurti online 
Samsung fast charger
Apple phone watch
Google Home Mini 
Amazon Echo Spot

End users searching for a particular product for online purchase or desiring to know the product is given relevant search results with review content of the same.

7. Customer defining keyword

The end-user is the king with no one influencing him on the usage of keywords. He prefers to use a keyword that may strike him with his instinct. 

Fewer examples of  Customer defining keyword

Restaurants with prawns in White fields, Bangalore 
Collages with part-time jobs in Navi Mumbai
Schools in Pune with computer education
Air-conditioned Services apartments Nehru Park, Delhi
Birthday cake with real flowers Ludhiana
self-drive car hire Kodaikanal

8. LSE(Latent Semantic Indexing) Keywords

The Latent Semantic Indexing is closely related keywords to the main keyword.

A few examples of the Latent Semantic Indexing keywords

A Docter is a specific keyword. Related terms to the main keyword are Veterinary Docter, a heart specialist.
A Hotel is a specific keyword. Related terms to the main keyword are Non-Veg Hotel, Vegan Hotel.
A Collage is a specific keyword. Related terms to the main keyword are medical college, dental college.

9. Intent targeting keywords

The end-user, when typing a query, they fall into three categories.



Gathering Information about a product before buying is information.
Say for example; he is trying to buy the Samsung iPhone.

He types the Samsung iPhone to get information on the products on display. 


Gathering the finer details of the product is commercial. The product description and the features will be a concern for the consumer to move to the next level of buying mode.


A comparison of similar products with pricing and other features and the payment gateways option is the final step in the consumer being a client.

The client has to choose the right keyword for his business. We have broadly discussed the subject of keywords in existence.

To understand the concept of SEO. It better to split the idea to have a better understanding of SEO.

The quantity of traffic generated.
The quality of the traffic 
Organic search results.

The quantity of traffic generated.

The quantity does not matter here. If you are getting irrelevant traffic, the bounce rate increases, which may adversely affect the page rankings of the website.

The quality of the traffic 

The relevance of the traffic is more concern, and the search engine algorithms will count the conversion rate of the traffic. 
A website cannot afford to have irrelevant traffic, which will affect the overall rankings of the site.

Organic search results.

Google-powered search results other than the paid results are organic results which Google ranks within the objectives guidelines with external radars guiding the ranking algorithms.

Significant factors that influence the rankings of a website.

Domain rankings of the site.
The Domain rankings are summed up with the quality of links that points to the website. Page rankings of the domains pointing to the site.

Page-level link methodology.
The inner pages anchor page structure. The inbound and outbound links quality of the internal pages.

Content reviewer

The quality of the content. The Flesch Reading Ease of the material.The passive and active voice usage in the content.Keywords distribution in the content. The readability score plays a crucial factor in the ascending or descending of rank in Google.

Page speed and mobile compatibility 

Page speed is considered more crucial in ranking structures in Google.
A slow speed website will get easily ignored by any active user resulting in bounce ratings. 
The increase in Mobile usage had made search results skyrocket in mobile search boxes. Google streamlined the guidelines for mobile compatibility of any site for a proper comfort level in viewing any website.

Branding of the website.

Press releases of the website in the news and media related websites. Offline mention of the brand in social media and visual media affects the ranking structure of any website.

Browser signals.

The browser plays a significant role in testifying user behaviours with his user patterns. The browser sends signals on the user interests with his movements on a website.

Social media

The social media sharing of a website plays a significant role in placing the site on top. Social media marketing a product does assist in the raking in Google.

Meta tags and Meta descriptions.

Meta tags and Meta descriptions are fundamental in bringing the website to the top in the desired keywords.

The URL formats.

Google had suggested the best-optimized methods to format a URL for better visibility in the ranking algorithms.

HTTP response status and SSL certificates

Google had made it mandatory for every website to have an SSL certificate.
The latest Chrome version 72.0.3626.121  released, websites with any text input will need an SSL certificate. 

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