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BSS Business consultancy private limited specializes in providing tailormade recruitment and placements solutions to clients that may suit their needs.

A core focused high-spirited, aggressive and enthusiastic team at Bangalore Secretarial Services are in assistance at any given point of time for a tight deadline for walk-in interviews.

We are a team of focused exuberant individuals expertise in both IT and Non-IT placements requirements with separate groups handling the tasks most efficiently targeting not on a traditional way of sourcing but emphasizing more on alternative methods to reach the right candidate.

The traditional recruitment practice does have its flaws and advantages. We are in tune with changing recruitment patterns. We are spirited individuals to adapt to the changing placements and recruiment arena in India.

Focusing on the client’s placement requirements studying the job description to every detail given. It is a divine task for any team leads doing her daily chores piously daily.

To Schedule an interview on the given date with the dropout and no show going alarmingly high. We are do take precautions with back-ups to ensure the recruitment and placements drive is going as smooth as possible.

Recruitments and placements agency work model have gone beyond the traditional practice of sourcing from portals to a new level with the digital pace picking up and with social media summing up its turn in the recruitment arena. A recruiter should be aware of all possible ways to reach the right candidate at the right time.

Bangalore secretary does have a team who are brainstormed daily with positive vibes to be on the winning edge in the comparative human resources platform.

The winning edge for any recruitment and a placements consultancy is to retain the client’s basis. We Bangalore secretary do emphasis on maintaining the existing and new clients by providing world-class placements solutions.


Recruitment and placements agency          

A vendor who may assist in sourcing candidates for a client with the given Job descriptions is a Recruitment and placements agency.

Different types of recruitment’s are


  • Contract staffing
  • Permanent staffing
  • Internships hiring
  • Project-based hiring
  • Freshers hiring


Various methods adapted by Placement consultancy for sourcing candidates.


  • Sourcing through the traditional portals
  • Social media recruitment
  • Forum postings
  • Referrals
  • College freshers’ placements.
  • Database


Sourcing the right candidate is a recruitment firm’s triumph.

The team at BSS focuses more on the non-traditional way of recruiting a candidate. We have found in our experience the right candidate will never show up in the regular recruitment portals and is an invisible guy.

The right candidate who is wilfully aspiring working candidate will never appreciate a job call and prefer his identity in the invisible mode in all recruitment portals.

Finding the right candidate is a challenge for all recruitment and placements consulatncy. Only a dedicated recruiter will be able to identify and convince him of the job offers.

To create a positive vibe with the aspiring candidate. To convert the eagerness to the new job is a daily recruiter chorus.

The level of positivity a recruiter would hold in herself solely depends on her team’s motivation in her team work.

The execution of job descriptions is down to the smallest details in a recruitment plan.


Successful execution of a recruitment plan.


The job description split to the most exquisite detail to be a more effective way before the work order gets executed.


  • Job title
  • Pay package
  • Contact person
  • Work Timings
  • Work nature
  • Location of the job
  • Career growth
  • Specifications of the Job
  • The gravity of the Job
  • Connotation of the Job
  • Value for the Job
  • Contribution to the task.

BSS team split the job description to the core for a productive work order execution as we work with a team spirit in handling clients request with the utmost care and piousness.


The golden rules in a recruitment consultancy.

A practical look into the most essential as we BSS ensure a client’s aspirations and the client’s expectations get matched to the most exceptional level.


  • Recruitments is not just Job positions in Job portals
  • The Job descriptions need to evaluation to the smallest detail for the convenience of the job seeker.
  • The job seeker needs a job interpretation in clarity to the most exceptional level for the candidate to understand better for a job change.
  • Check the curriculum vitae thoroughly.
  • A detailed study by every recruiter of the curriculum vitae is essential for processing the CCV to the next level of screening.
  • Questions for a telephonic interview asked after a thorough study of the CV, on the related Job offer.
  • Honesty with the client and the candidate.
  • Keep no loose end that may test your words with both the candidates and the client.
  • Speak with clarity with honesty as thumb-rule with no loose edges that may tighten your belt at a later stage.
  • To ensure no fake promises with a client on the number of candidates turning out for an interview.
  • No false hopes to a candidate seeking a job on the job offered or fabricated lies to the client about the candidate.
  • To be a positive motivator in teamwork in Placements consultancy.
  • To be on time and to leave as the last person in the office.
  • To work parallelly with co-workers on all challenges in the candidate’s search process.
  • To guide and be a mentor to all colleagues ensuring career growth in the placement’s consultancy.
  • To maintain the hierarchy in all levels for smooth operation at all levels.
  •  Ensure the latest technologies are implemented with a craving to search for new avenues in the placements and recruitments business.

Bangalore Placements Consultancy is a place where clients come with the highest expectation for quality standards.

To keep in ace in a competitive world where the client has enough and more options for him to move his requirements.

It is a challenge to retain business and to keep the client a repeated client in a aggressive market.

“A consultancy is one that creates a niche on its own’s.We ensured we are the only consultancy to  provide a one-stop solution for an entrepreneur.”

BSS has created a benchmark in ensuring a one-stop solution to an entrepreneur who seeks website development and SEO services.


Empowering an employer/employee

People are the benchmark for any organization to grow. With people, the concern grows as we BSS expertise in providing the best human resources in all vertices.


“Concern grows on people products and profits. People come first in the line of hierarchy.”



  • Help every candidate to find the right fit.
  • Assist every employer with the right candidate.

An employers role is to steer every employee in his excellence in areas that he may succeed in glory.

An employee role is to excel in the area given in his best ability to provide growth to his concern.

An employee will create a benchmark in his career by creating excellence in the given scope of work. To move forward in the next ladder in the hierarchy, thereby creating a vacuum in his position to be filled up by an aspiring candidate with similar cravings to reach the sky.

An employer will pave the way in extending all assistance in the companies growth by enabling independence and a bond of trust built-in togetherness to any passionate employee.

People power is the most critical asset in any concern as copy cats can copy technologies and concepts at any given point of time.

No one can imitate a high-spirited, aggressive, and enthusiastic team which is a concern’s base asset in invisible mode.


Successful recruitment planning

It is not about just posting Jobs in portals. To line up candidates for an interview. It is a mundane job to do on the outset it far more than lining up the candidate for the next day interview.

Any Recruiter will be fatigued on this continues calling of candidates for an interview and lining up people the next day deadline as No shows and drop out ratio raising alarmingly. A hard-working professional will lose this hope of no fault of his.

The consultancy involved in placements and recruitment business will get trapped with the mundane calling of candidates and fixing timings.

The nature of the job categories and the nature of hire.


  • BPO hiring
  • IT hiring
  • Non-IT Hiring
  • Non Skilled blue colored recruitment
  • Skilled White colored hiring.
  • Mass hiring.
  • Tele calling requirements.
  • Experienced candidates hiring.
  • Executive hiring
  • Sales Hiring
  • Business development executives hiring.

Planning a team and executing the hiring plan is crucial in any recruitment plan to make it more effective.

The mushrooming portals have given the job seeker to place his resume in multiple Job-websites and visibility is crucial for any recruiter to find the right person at the right time.

Social media intrusion to the placements and recruitment arena is a sudden newcomer. Social media is slowly taking its share in the already overcrowded market.

Finding the target crowd and posting in the relevant portal is the crucial beginning to any recruitment plan and is the first ladder in a recruitment plan.

Targetting four times the number of candidates needed for any given position is the second step in a successful recruiting cycle.

Formation of a team for the particular hiring and follow-ups and reminders through all available channels is the third and crucial step in a recruitment execution plan.


  • Reminders sent through emails.
  • SMS is the best way to send reminders
  • WhatsApp is the most commonly used messaging platform a reminder on the interview date is to sent in whats app.

The last being a check on the day of the interview to guide a candidate on the interview venue. The contact person in the company who takes care of the final face to face interview.

A recruiter has to be through in his talk with the candidate with knowledge in the job nature. The job description as it plays a crucial factor in any successful execution of a recruitment plan.


Crucial role of placement consultants in a recruitment drive.


The job industry is finally in a saturation point where the job seekers have got multiple options to pursue his or her skills.

The boom on the internet had given Jobseekers independence in seeking a job, unlike olden days where the job seekers stick on to reputed companies to get a Job.

The advent of the internet had made radical changes in the corporate world. So had the hiring methods keep changing in the digital era.

The high attrition rate is the job market that has caused big companies to seek assistance from vendors who do provide helping hands to big corporate who may concentrate on the core business rather than human resources.

A placements consultant role is to bridge the gap between job seekers and the company. To identify the right candidate for the right Job is a placements consultancy expertise that the companies hire for their hiring needs.


What is the role of a Placement consultancy and their commitments to an aspiring Jobseekers or a candidate seeking a career succession?

A placements consultancy defined as a bridge between the company and the job seekers.

A placements consultancy is expertise in search mechanism for human resources as they have solely dependent on workforce supply. A placements consultancy gave all its efforts in identifying the right person for a company.

The purpose of hiring a recruitment consultancy is for assistance in employing the right candidate. So the company may be able to shred its overheads in investing in internal recruitments so it may concentrate on its core business.

Investing in non-core areas with human capital is an additional burden to any company seeking growth in their core business as a right placement consultancy will take care of all human resources needs of the companies.

Every big corporate have started to have a vendor list of placements consultancy in the list of dealers assisting them on crucial times of drops outs in the concerns.


Nature of works in a Placements consultancy.

A recruitment agency specializing in the job of human resources supply will be an impaneled partner with small and medium range companies.

To have a database of Job seekers in various verticals in handy to be in assistance when the need arises.

A placements consultant is a trusted partner for any company seeking human resources in the shortest possible time.

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