Web development does not start with a web developer. The team at BSS prefers listening to the entrepreneur over a cup of coffee.

Listening with care and voyeurism, focusing on the entrepreneur’s vision and goals is a vehement Job for us. The day breaks with the team scheduling our calendar on clients’ meetings.

Once the listening gets over, questions start to get its turn, and some times we rarely forget the time running out. Lunch and breaks fast, get skipped on most of our client meetings supplemented with the cookies and tea.
Once we get agreed and absorb the concept in fullness, we start moving our pen to paper or our pointer to the pixel.

We fully understand the aspirations of an entrepreneur and try to pull all our effectiveness to the creative mode in bring the visual effect to perfection.

Great minds discuss ideas to the level of perfection to script and visualize in digital formats.

Website Design

Once we have assimilated the concept in fullness, it is transforming the ideas and concepts to the next level to execute the work order.
The creative copywriting team and the technical team strive to bring the aspiration to live format.

We had been quite successful in Web designing in bringing the smile to all our clients who strive to reach his dream.

The passion of seeing our clients doing successfully in his business had driven us to work over the clock with no weekends in our calendar.

The conversion rate is mostly counted in website design as the visitor lands on a site. There is very little time for him to get convinced about the product offered. The client always has the choice to move to the next website as we call it a bounce rating in Google terminology.

The spark that ensures him to stay back to be a client is what matters in website design. A successful website development company focuses on so many factors that affect the retaining of a visitor.

User compactness with the right balance between the creative aspect and the functionality of the website brings a well-developed site.

Compelling web designing

We had been passionate about being the best creative web designing company. The clients applaud, and referrals to their business friends compel us to stay one step ahead in our line of work.
With Google updating the online ranking policy quite periodically, we have been quite successful in streamlining our focus on building websites that are keywords focussed.

We have empowered entrepreneurs in reaching the right client. Business is a spark which arises from a need. Google has laid a platform. 

Web development is an antiquated term when just one person can handle all areas of web site designing in the past decades. Today, with the changing digital world, web site development has evolved in too many separate windows. The web designer is a dubious word for web development with too many new technologies changing in the digital world.

For an efficient, user-friendly website and tech-savvy, a combination of talent has to input their knowledge and expertise to make it a successful project. 

Website design focus on the visual content and functionality of the website.  It’s a field singularly tied to graphic design at every level and deals with the same design principles of visual media.

Main areas of Website development.

Front end developer.

The front end developer is the person who brings the visual reality of A web designers with tools like JAVA HTML and CSS.

The task of a front end developer is coding the languages that may suit the website.

Back end developer.

The person who manages behind the scenes managing the data in the database while optimizing the data delivered for better performance is a back end developer. Back end developers use standard languages like PHP, Ruby, Python, Java, or .Net.

Full-stack developer.

A person who ideally manages both front end and back end is a full stack developer.

Artificial intelligence in the development of the website is essential to ensure the conversion rate of visitors in either signing up as subscribers or sales converts.

Web site development is more than graphics designing. A web developer should be well aware of the technical constraints and user preferences in his job a fine-tuning a website.

What are the factors to look into when seeking the best website development company?

There are so many factors that collide with choosing the best apt website development agency that may suits or fit the need.

Have a thorough check on the portfolio on the uniqueness of the website development agency.

Look into the factors that may suit your Requirments if it is content that is more crucial on your website. Talk with content writers to express your view in clarity. If it is more into e-commerce, have a look into the existing portfolio having payment gateway options.

The strength of the team in the website development company plays a crucial role in the completion of tasks in the given time frame.

Reviews check on the website development agency or cross verification with the existing clients can give a better understanding before signing of the work order sheet.

The credibility of the website development agency in the market plays a crucial factor during the shortlisting process.

Other areas of web site development that are crucial other than the technical aspects are 

Site mapping
Speed of the website on mobile as well as desktops.
Mobile compatibility.
Conversion  rate
Optimization of the website to be user-friendly.
Fine-tuning a website for Increased sales and sign-ups activities.
Social media sharing.
Infographics presentations.
Creative inputs by content management experts or copywriters is a crucial contribution to the website.

Web development platforms

Ruby on Rails
Python / Django
UI / UX Designs

Ruby on Rails

It is ideal for a neatly coded web application up and running in the shortest amount of time. As we call it the Loading speed of a website. 


From Web apps and APIs to science and data interpretation, Python is a compelling and accessible language tool most sorted for web design.


Adding Django gives the website a contemporary and manageable Web framework, with great features out of the box to get projects up and to run quickly.


Why use React?

React is the best pick choice for generating the most desirable client-side experience on a single-page application. React makes fixation interfaces accessible with small, reusable elements, consistent behavior, and prolific interplays.

The Plus point about React is the gradual execution. JS frameworks claim a significant investment in its base to start getting any usable results. React allows you to begin substituting components of your web app piece-by-piece. It is highly fruitful for teams because it fosters the reuse of UI designs and requires a readable syntax.

User Interface (UI)

A specialization of the web site development that deals with the controls people use to interact with a website or app, including button displays and display controls.

User Experience (UX) 

Another specialization of web site development. (UX) Deals with user performance and acknowledgment when using the site or app. UX design envelops many other areas but inspects them from the prospect of the user.

when using the site or app. UX design envelops many other areas but inspects them from the prospect of the user.

Successful websites solve the need of users. To fully grasp the query, we conduct analysis and usability tests. These help us make sure that we are building the right set of innovations to the website.

The loading time of a website and how to address the issue of loading on a website. The standard-issue found here for a website to load is the content of the image files. To make a website load faster, we do file compression to reduce the file sizes of the content. CSS sprites to preserve bandwidth or a content distribution network from improving loading times in specific terrestrial regions.

Freelancing web site designers. 

Web site designers limited to two or three skills. Capable of developing a single page static website with limited exposure to the evolving developments in the market.

UX and UI Designers are useful for products that may demand particular skills.

There is a vast difference in website development, Mobile application development, and Mobile compatible websites.

Developing a web site with keywords focus and google friendly design is the goal for any entrepreneur seeking success in his endeavor of developing a website.

Types of websites

Static Website
Dynamic Website or responsive website designing.

Static Website

A Static Website is a simple website built with HTML codes. A fixed and straightforward website and is an outdated way to develop a website.
Mostly small business people prefer a single web page with contact, and relevant information favors a Static or fixed website codded by HTML.
A static website holds data that will not alter.

Dynamic Website or responsive website designing.

A responsive website is that suits mobile and tablets. It is optimized for each of the devices accordingly. The site looks better in either of the tools and is structurally better in navigation.
Dynamic Website holds data that may vary depending upon the viewer’s geographic location the language of the visitor. It can be Client-side scripting or server-side scripting to generate the changing content. The combination of both scripting types keeps changing the content.
Web sites that use server-side scripting created with server-side languages such as Java, PHP, Perl, ASP, ASP.NET, JSP, and other languages. These server-side languages typically use the Common Gateway Interface (CGI) to produce dynamic websites.

The different types of websites can be categorized as below.

Social media

What Moral Obligation does a Web Development agency have?

Web Development concerns or individuals will be obliged to follow the law of the land.

A web development agency has upright obligations in areas such as:

  • Fulfilling a quality solution to the client, that is in line with the original specification and quotation of the website agreement.
  • To ensure the client is satisfied with the solution delivered.
  • Ensuring standard approaches and full documentation of the process, to make it effortlessly maintainable by the client.
  • To give a correct and valid report card. Accurate and truthful progress records as the website work advances.

The above are professional ethics as a website development concern.

There are other moral responsibilities a website designing company should be caring for the client.
  • Ensuring proper care of the concerns employees with perks and incentives to the best productive employee.
  • To have a proper check on the content delivered. A plagiarism checker on every material that goes into the website. Quality check on the content with grammar and proper usage of the language with no ignorance quality of the produced content.
  • No pirates software used in any of website developed and delivered to cause unwanted litigations to the client in the future.
  • A usual practice by the website developers is to ignore the SEO necessity fo a website if that not included in the package is not an ethical way to deliver a product.
  • Delivery of the website should be in full and SEO compatible manner for the client to handle the keywords options in his preferences.

Good news.

Starting your website is much easier now. Whether it is an e-commerce website or a Dynamite website or a custom made site that is informative call us for a discussion.

We have skillful website designers backed with a team of creative copywriters and SEO specialists who can give you a world-class website to lure more customers.

We can suit your budget for building a world-class website that may set you apart from your competitors.