Why should every hiring manager reach out to an executive search firm?

executive search firm

The executive search firm is a recruiting partner for its clients, assisting in the hiring process.

A bad hire in a C-suit position can cause disastrous consequences in a business firm. So it is highly essential for the firms to find qualified, top-performing executives. But the search for the right candidate can make the process far longer and far more stringent.

The cost of not filling an executive job role can cause negative ramifications on the success of your firm and the well-being of an entire department. Do you still want to take the risk of resorting to quick, low-cost alternatives like scouring LinkedIn, posting a job ad, or hiring a contingency recruiter?

If you’re rummaging through all your options, here are the reasons why top executive search firms can worth the investment when it comes to finding the ideal talent for your most senior positions.

What is an executive search firm?

Head-hunters or an executive search firm is a recruitment company that specialises in sourcing high-quality candidates for executive roles. We work exclusively with our client, taking the time to analyse the existing talent within the company and to understand the company culture and facets of the position.

Why work with a top-notch executive search firm?

  • Access to a network of high-quality executive professionals

If you have blown through your referrals list and network connections and still aren’t able to pick out the qualified executive candidate that ticks all the boxes, it may be time to call in an executive search firm.

Most of the leading executive search firms have a global network of contacts across various industries. It means that the pool of talent they have access to is far more extensive, far more exclusive and of a considerably higher quality.

  • Some job positions are too important not to invest in

The consequence of a bad hire can lead your company to a huge loss. Top retained search firms are well-practised in understanding the rare skills mix needed for a C-suite position and can quickly identify the right fit.

  • You don’t have the in-house resources.

Assessing candidate CVs takes time. If you scan-read, you may lose some of the more intricate details as you don’t get enough time to go through them properly. As executive search firms deal with CV assessment every day, we know what to look for in a powerful CV, including hard skills, soft skills and personality.

  • Fill the gap of knowledge and gain better diversity

If you are recruiting for a newly created position or isn’t within your area of expertise, top head-hunters have the specialist skills to help fill that knowledge gap.

  • You want long-term employees

Unlike a contingency recruiting firm, who consider a recruited employee as a success, retained executive search agencies calculate success based on the contribution and longevity of their employees.

Most of the candidates may have the necessary skills on paper. Still, an executive firm will be able to tell you which applicant has the right talent for long-term success and will eventually contribute to the future growth of the business.

  • When discretion is paramount

There are occasions in which you need ultimate discretion, such as hiring a substitution when a senior executive is still in the job role. By outsourcing the task, you are relieved of workplace secrecy but yet have all the control, trust and transparency of having the task taken care of by someone impartial.

  • Never damage relationships with partner companies or competitors

Hiring through an executive search firm is an excellent way to avoid damaging relations with the clients you often work with or causing tension with a competitor. Recruiting from the same pool of talent becomes far less complicated when working through a discreet, impartial third party.

  • Succession planning to future-proof your C-suite

Being prepared for every event is crucial for the stability of the business. Unexpected resignations of senior-level employees can cause unwanted disruption within teams and hinder how successful you are at reaching your goals.

Hiring a head-hunter to come in and analyse your workforce is a reliable way to get a clear picture of the in-house talent you already have. It also lets you know which options are available to you externally.

Working with the right executive search firm can save your time maximise your profit. It can have a profoundly positive impact on your company in the long run. Your Retained Executive Search partner will actively seek out the best talent for your opportunity, engage them, and bring you, multiple candidates, to choose from.

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